Monday, 13 March 2017

How to save 10,000 albums (and more) in your Spotify

So, if, like me, you are a Spotify user with a voracious appetite for music who hates playlists, you may have already filled up your 10,000 song limit and been forced to delete stuff. Well I've got a really, really simple fix for this: instad of saving the whole album, just save the first song. That way, it still appears in "your albums", and it's just one extra click to take you to the whole tracklist. This way you can save 10,000 albums. In the unlikely event that you actually fill this up as well, then my next suggestion is to delete all but the latest (or your favourite) release from each artist. When you see it, you'll be reminded that there are are other albums by them you like as well and you can just click through to see them. OK, so I know this is saving 10,000 artists rather than albums, but it does mean that you are highly unlikely to ever run out of space – what are the chances you are going to want to save 10,000 artists?

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