Sunday, 25 September 2016

Dream 25/09/16

I drive to see my old mate Kurt Cobain whom I know from my junkie days and who lives in a decaying mansion at the top of a hill. I leave the missus and kids to have lunch in a pub as I have no idea what state he'll be in. The top floor room of his house turns out to be the most disgusting cesspit full of decaying newspapers, massive spiders, and a bunch of animals including cats, goats, sheep, and two baby hedgehogs that can jump six feet in the air.

Later, Cobain and I go to confront a local Seattle crime boss over Cobain's junkie son, who has holed up in a room at the man's house. The two go way back; the guy used to cheat him on their smack deals. The boss is a shadow of his former self and is on the way out. As his last revenge he plants a bomb to take us out, before Cobain shoots him dead. I manage to rescue the boy, who has overdosed and barricaded himself into his room, before the bomb goes off, destroying the house.

We take him to a rehab clinic where I am hailed as a hero by all my friends, except my ex-wife, who berates me for putting the children in danger even though they were nowhere near the scene. She is shut down by a tough-looking relative of the boy. Shaken by my experience, I decide to stay in rehab for a few days. I enjoy hydrotherapy but keep getting chewed out by the other patients for using their lane in the pool.

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