Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dream 07/01/11

It was the last day of school and we were all supposed to be going on a trip so everyone gathered outside the gates and piled their stuff up against the wall. I put my umbrella and coat there too and went off to find my mates, but then it was announced that the trip was cancelled and we could all go home, so I started looking for my coat, but couldn’t find it and became convinced that someone had nicked it. But eventually I found it with my mum, who had come to remind me that I had to meet her later at a restaurant for a big family party to which everyone was coming. Promising her I’d be there, I jumped on a bus, which was packed and was curiously being driven by my old mate from work, Pete. But he didn’t stop at the right stop and went right on to the end of the route, and everybody on the bus was irate, including me, as I realized I would have to walk about a mile back to the restaurant.

For some reason I seemed to have lost my shoes and socks, and the streets were littered with broken glass because there had just been some kind of parade. A wooden fence ran alongside the pavement and I found a gate in it which was ajar, so I looked through and saw it was the grounds of a ruined castle which had been turned into some kind of tourist attraction. It was grassy, so I decided to go in and walk along the inside of the fence. I found I was on the battlements and had to jump down from several walls, until I got to one which was too high for me to jump so I had to go down a long grassy slope which led to the main courtyard of the castle. I tried to leave, but two heavies barred the gate and told me that I had entered the premises illegally and if I wanted to leave I would have to pay the £23.50 admission fee. I explained what had happened, then tried to argue that they should have secured the site better, but all this fell on deaf ears so I decided I’d better just pay it so I could get away. The site was closing and I had no cash so I had to go back with one of the heavies, who was the manager, to his house, which was in the grounds, where he kept the credit card machine. But once we got there he got distracted by his baby son who was crawling around on the floor and I was able to slip out without paying.

The gates were now unmanned so I was able to get out and run down a grassy slope and found myself in a park. I ran through the park and back onto the street; I knew where I was now and that it was not far to the restaurant. But the streets had not yet been cleared and I got a bit of glass stuck in my foot, but I pulled it out and managed to limp to the restaurant just in time for the party.

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