Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The trouble with Gaelic

People are always bemoaning the fact that young people don't want to learn Gaelic. Well I'll tell you why - it' s because they're not seeing anything in Gaelic culture that they can connect with. And when the pinnacle of Gaelic popular culture is these guys, who can blame them? What is needed is something ultra-hip and trendy, that kids actually like. To this end I have decided to write and produce a Gaelic pop-trance tune in the style of All Around The World Records called "Cuan Eadarainn" ("An Ocean Between Us"), have it sung by an attractive young lady and shoot a sexy video for it. The kids will lap it up! Is anybody interested in getting involved? To start with, my friends in my Gaelic class are going to give me some help in translating the lyrics (as my Gaelic isn't that great, I've written it in English first), and then I'll be looking for a vocalist.


  1. Coming from the Philippines ad being fascinating with Gaelic can be quite strange for my country men. But then again, it will always find its way. As for that image of a sexy lady singing in Gaelic I think I'll pass.

  2. My first comment and follower! I'll have to try and update this thing more often now. It's nice to see that people all over the world are interested in Gaelic. I like your blogs - keep up the good work!