Friday, 26 July 2013


Went to Yori on Panton Street the other night, a funky Korean barbecue place which also does Japanese. We started with some edamame, which could have been saltier, and some gyoza-esque dumplings which were really nice. Then we had kimchee rice with fried egg, which was pronounced very good, if rather subtle (apparently common in Korean food), and a spicy seafood noodle soup which was also enjoyed. My tempura prawn noodle soup was lovely, a simple, clear, quite fishy stock with nice fat noodles. The prawns were delicious, although there were only two (they were quite large, but another couple would have been welcome), and being in the soup made the batter go squishy. We were going to the theatre so only had about 45 minutes, so decided to skip the barbecue, where they bring you raw meat and you cook it yourself on a hotplate built into your table, but it looks really interesting so I definitely want to come back and try it - not least because, with our Taste Card,the whole lot, including service, came in at only 35 quid. Two thumbs up.

Mediterranean Chicken

Tried the new McDonald's Mediterranean Chicken burger today. It comes in a herby focaccia bun with lettuce, American cheese, roasted peppers and a spicy tomato sauce. The burger itself is nice - it's the same burger they use in the BCO (Bacon, Chicken & Onion), nice breast meat in really crunchy crumb - but it's let down quite badly by the sauce, of which there is far too much, and which is bright orange with a faintly artificial, slightly acrid flavour. It reminded me of nothing so much as Homepride pasta bake sauce. Also, I don't feel there's any room for roasted peppers in a burger. Overall, a not unpleasant experience, but somewhat disappointingly less than the sum of its parts. One thumb up.

New format

I deactivated my Facebook account earlier this week and am now going to share my thoughts on the stuff I like with everyone, not just my friends! I'm going to focus primarily on the entertainment I experience - music, movies, theatre, TV shows, books, food - and I want to try and cover as much as possible, so posts are going to be short, sweet and to the point, and I'm going to rate things using Siskel & Ebert's famous "two thumbs up" system. Get prepared for a barrage of posts about cool stuff.